All-In-One Operations Tool

Small & Mid-Sized Departments
  • Maintenance & Task Management
  • "On My Way" Responding Feature
  • Checklists & Schedules
  • Email and Text Notifications
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Owl Ops owner and volunteer firefighter shown above. Read more in "About Us"

A simple change; a drastic difference.

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Maintenance & Task Management

Make sure things are getting done around your station with Owl Ops tasks. Owl Ops improves communication, increases accountability, and provides indelible history for what has (and hasn't) been done.

"On My Way" Responding Feature

When the tones go off, just one click on your smartphone lets your department know you're "On My Way". No paging hardware or integration required.

Checklists & Schedules

No more paper shuffle with Owl Ops. Using any web browser, anyone can access truck checks, pack sheets, or NFPA standard inspections. Creating schedules makes sure these are getting done.


Easy to set up, easy to use, and cost effective.

Maintenance & Task Management

Owl Ops helps you communicate & ensures accountability to get things done.

Preventative Maintenance & Scheduled Tasks

Preventative maintenance on your equipment or a scheduled bump test, Owl Ops communicates & tracks when & what needs to be done.

Mobile Friendly

Available where you need it on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
Use the web browser of your choice. 

"On My Way"
Responding Feature

Know who's coming, who's not & make better response decisions.

Checklists &

Truck checks, pack sheets, or any other paper check list can easily be set up in Owl Ops.

Knowledgable Support

Owl Ops is owned by a volunteer firefighter who understands the fire service. We'll help you & your department with any questions you have.


$ 249 USD/year

($299 CAD/year)

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Assets / Equipment
  • 5 Star Support
  • Per Station / Department
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We value your input. If you have a question or a suggestion to make Owl Ops better, please let us know.



About Us

Doug Rixmann (pictured) is the owner of Owl Ops and a passionate volunteer firefighter. He created Owl Ops in 2009 for his family's restaurant operation as a better way to track maintenance, get organized, communicate better, and stay accountable to each other. They had looked for an existing tool but they were overly complicated, expensive, and designed for much larger companies.

Helping close to 1000 restaurants across North America improve their operations, Doug wants to offer the same solution to the fire service while holding true to our core principles of ease of use (& setup), cost effective, and huge value.